The worlds easiest solution for tracking and managing how staff fit the roles you have and the roles you will need as you grow, change and adapt.

Know what your staff know, and what they need to know.

Real time skill, licence and competency tracking software built for you.

Everything you need in one place.

Training gap analysis, expiry notifications, full reporting, skills finder and all records on tap.

So very simple but so very smart.

A very smart and incredibly simple role management solution for any organisations no matter what your industry.

Solving problems


See you later spreadsheets and file notes.


Track all your staff training, skills, certificates, licences and paperwork in one place.


Add level of competency scores to staff skills to ensure you have your best on the job when the task needs it.


Set notifications to get reminders before they expire.


Upload copies and keep a full history as staff move from role to role.


Find staff with any combination of skills quickly and easily.


Identify gaps between your existing workforce and your current and future roles.


Any device, any time.


Organisational visibility

Provide true visibility into the skill your workforce, contractors and volunteers have, and how they meet your existing, and future role requirements.

With a fully flexible system you can have any number of staff, roles and competencies, ensuring you can always spot gaps and identify talent.

Skills gap analysis

Identify and manage gaps in skills, qualifications and requirements against existing roles and future organisation needs.

Help plan and budget for your current and upcoming needs with smart reports that identify gaps before they become a problem.


Remove the need for manually tracking expiry dates, impact on training budgets and provide a centralised location for storing all qualifications and dates.

Automated notifications and reports will ensure you keep on top of important expiry dates for all staff and organisational needs and ensure you are never caught short.

Optimise resource

Be certain you are always getting the most possible out of your people by ensuring they have all the skill and competencies required for their role. If a vacancy or promotion comes up, know you are filling this with the person best suited to the role.

Track and report on ALL the competencies your staff have, including from past roles and skills outside your organisation that may be relevant.

Flexible and easy to implement

Get immediate access to templates that will improve your efficiency right from login – no long development time frame or complicated build is required. It allows room for customisation, but is intuitive so that organisations can easily setup themselves.

Remove the need for managing Excel workbooks and double-handling of data entry by easily automating tasks and capturing data. Integrate with existing systems and provide one place to access all your information.


Employees can have their own individual login where they can self-assess and update their skills/certifications and competencies which are verified by their supervisors. This will engage staff about upskilling themselves.

Staff can also keep all their relevant data up-to-date including personal details, emergency contact, etc saving time and effort for HR/Payroll staff.

Worried about implementation services or your existing data?

Don’t be, we’re here to help. Full data migration and training services available.

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